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Cultivated through the traditions of an all-women’s college-Evelyn completed her matriculation with the concentration of social work at Bennett College (BSW). She advanced the comprehension of clinical practice while obtaining a master’s degree from Walden University (MSW). As a PhD student-she studies to pursue the completion of the advanced clinical practice and supervision within the field of social work with the intent to specialize in developing leadership skills in clinical instruction and practice.

Evelyn has over twelve (12) years of fundamental experience with working in various capacities congruent to the adherence of social work practices. Specific job duties that recall her expertise includes family perseverance and kinship, family intervention specialist, youth services specialist, case management, interventionist, supervised clinician, and educator.

Through a multi-faceted approach, which includes exploring the various aspects of a person's life, Evelyn works to aid individuals in developing and improving their self-worth, confidence, and communication skills. Using a multidimensional methodology, Rogers strives to assist clients dealing with trauma by helping them reach their goals.

In collaboration of various cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness techniques-Rogers implies the feminist therapy to empower women through techniques that involve taking control of one's life.

Treatment Philosophy:

The philosophical stance in which Ms. Rogers governs her practice is based upon the psychotherapy that focuses on the political and social aspects of women's lives. Patriarchal society can influence how people think about themselves and one another. Through the implementation of Feminist Therapy-Rogers strives to support individuals identify their own needs and bring awareness to the power dynamics in their relationships and commitment to life’s trajectory of success and self-refinement.

Feminist therapy aims to empower women by means of incorporating techniques of empowerment which cultivates a therapeutic initiative where individuals to take control of their lives, and it often involves activities that involve expressive means of various forms of art.  “Diversity and Difference” techniques help individuals develop and improve their self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to take control of their lives. Coupled with additional techniques- cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques help individuals improve their awareness and regulate their thoughts.

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